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Chat.Agar.Bz offers English, Turkish, Dutch, Spanish and French free of charge Agario Chat rooms. Agario private server chat room provides a free chat environment for its users, players and guests. We offer setting up chat rooms for joint teams that are playing with each other during the course/length of the game. The chat rooms do not require a registered nickname, a registered account or any kind of personal information. At this time, the protocols only allow users to chat while online without camera or voice capabilities. AgarioPlay.Net is the first and the foremost example of agario game server with chatting capabilities. As one might guess, there are certain rules pertaining to the chat room etiquette. Users must be respectful of others and may not involve in talks regarding politics, racial slur, religious discrepancies, bigotry, and so on. Users may not flood the chat room. Users may never provide any kind of link at any time. Breaking this rule is a fast and sure way of getting one s self banned for good. Last but not least, another user, an admin or any operators may not be impersonated in any way. Doing so will result in severe consequences such as getting permanently banned. We believe that the rules are simple enough to follow so we ask you to cordially follow them.private servers: agar | agario private server | easy agario | agario private | agario play | Fancy Text Nick Names Generator

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